Surgical Teeth Extraction

Surgical removal of tooth/teeth are indicated when they are nonrestorable. Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure, the process is typically straightforward and simple to complete. Once the tooth or teeth to be extracted have been determined, a local anesthetic is administered to eliminate any discomfort. Based upon the specific case, a tooth may be extracted by simply loosening the roots of the tooth manually with an instrument called an elevator. Once the roots are loose and the tooth can be shifted in the socket, it’s pulled free with forceps and the tooth is extracted.

If the tooth has not yet erupted or has broken below the gum line, a more complex procedure may be needed. In this case, a small incision is made in the gum and some of the bone surrounding the tooth may be removed. The impacted tooth may also be sectioned in portions for ease of removal. Once the tooth and any fragments remaining have been removed, the gum is stitched and treated to heal over or is preserved for an implant or other prosthetics .

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