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Intraoral Cameras Diagnose and Prevent Periodontal Disease at Pleasanton Smile Dental

The field of dentistry is constantly expanding and advancing with the advent of new technologies. Such innovations allow patients to have a more comfortable and effective overall oral care experience. Pleasanton Smile Dental makes sure that their Pleasanton, CA patients are receiving the best quality care with the most advanced technology available. The intraoral camera is one of the many ways that technology has provided Pleasanton Smile Dental with detailed results-- and their patients with a better understanding of their dental problems.

An intraoral camera is a diagnostic tool that provides dentists with a view of the entire patient’s mouth. The image of the mouth is displayed on a computer monitor where it is easy to see different angles and perspectives in great detail. The dentist is able to see areas of the patient’s mouth that would have been much more difficult to see only a few years earlier. This detailed look allows Dr Srikantam to better address potentially problematic areas. This new technology has improved the dental experience of patients by better diagnosing and treating dental problems. The intraoral camera is more than just a great way to provide information about existing problems in detail; it also provides dentists with insight into the development of future problems.

Pleasanton Smile Dental uses the intraoral camera to improve oral health understanding for each patient, in addition to better diagnosing any issues. Intraoral cameras allow patients to see the results of the camera firsthand. This makes patients feel more comfortable and provides them with a better insight into their oral health. With preventative, educational, and diagnostic benefits, intraoral cameras have benefited Pleasanton, CA patients in numerous ways. If you would like to experience this technology and the advantages it has to offer, visit Pleasanton Smile Dental.

To learn more about intraoral camera dental technology in Pleasanton, CA, visit or call 925-249-1130 to schedule an appointment at Pleasanton Smile Dental.

Pleasanton Smile Dental located in Pleasanton, CA uses Invisalign to create Beautiful Smiles

Tooth misalignment and gaps leave many people unhappy with their Smiles. These smile imperfections keep people from showing their teeth in pictures or are hesitant to smile more often . With teeth that are better aligned, you can improve upon these unwanted imperfections, while also boosting your self-esteem and confidence. Invisalign clear plastic aligners make teeth alignment simple. They are discreet and comfortable making it easy for patients to use them and fit their public lifestyle . Patients in Pleasanton ,CA can visit Pleasanton Smile Dental to get a free no obligation consulation on Invisalign . Check out their website for their latest discount offers on Invisalign .

Patients in need of mild to moderate orthodontic work benefit the most from Invisalign. This alternative to traditional braces is great for those that are not in need of any major bite adjustments or changes. This is the most sought after advantage of this modern aligner amongst adults and teens that are concerned about the look and feel of traditional braces. There is no need to worry about the aligners showing up in photographs. Invisalign patients can straighten their teeth with ease, knowing that they can smile and speak comfortably and confidently.

Pleasanton Smile Dental Invisalign patients find that the aligners are convenient, comfortable, and simple. Invisalign doesn’t require any adjustments to your current eating habits. The aligners can be easily removed at meal times and for oral hygiene . There is also no need to modify any oral health habits. At Pleasanton Smile Dental , we use a combination of Invisalign and cosmetic procedures such as veneers and bonding to create beautiful smiles.

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